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Nižšie, si môžete stiahnuť prezentácie z konferencie 2015.

21. April 2015
J. Dzivak – Opening Presentation
Erin Tripp and David Wilcox, Fedora – Workshop: Preservation and Presentation of Digital Content in Practice – Fedora Front-ends: Working with Islandora and Hydra
Ján Turňa, CVTI SR – From Traditional Librarian Services to Complex Support of Science and Technology in Slovakia.
Krishna Roy Chowdhury, Qatar National Library – Qatar National Library’s Role in Supporting Qatar through Its Journey towards a Knowledge Based Economy
Giles Carden, University of Warwick – Developing & Implementing a Research Analytics Strategy in Leading Research Intensive UK University
Carl Legat, Hitachi – Hitachi Social Innovation
Jiří Jirát, University of Chemical Technology – Bibliometrics: Benefits and Pitfalls
Jonna Holmgaard Larsen, Danish Agency for Culture – Model Programme for Public Libraries
Agnes Koreny, Szabo Ervin Municipal Library – Inform, Integrate, Inspire. A Metropolitan Library in a Changing Environment
22. April 2015
David Baker, New Library World – Squaring the Iron Triangle: Sustainable Innovation and Innovative Sustainability in a Digital Environment
Ed Fay, Open Preservation Foundation – Open Community Approaches to Digital Preservation
Erin Tripp, Discoverygarden – Exploring the Open Source Ecosystem for Long Term Preservation and Enhanced User Experience
Piotr Rydzek, Book2net – From Paper to Digital in No Time. How to Take Advantage of the Latest Digitization Technologies
Tibor Simko, CERN – CERN Open Data and Data Analysis Knowledge Preservation
Tomasz Parkola, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center – LoCloud Collections: European Cloud Service for Hosting Collections of Small Memory Institutions
David Minor, Steven Morales, University of California, San Diego – Technical Design and Business Modeling for National-Scale Preservation: The DPN Way.
Miklós Lendvay, National Széchényi Library – ELDORADO – A Complex System for Digitisation, Preservation, and Copyright Clarification
Susanne Tremml, Austrian National Library – Europeana Creative
Katarzyna Slaska, Jan Mejor, National Library of Poland – “Academica” – A New Quality in Interlibrary Loan Systems
23. April 2015
Lucie Vavrikova, Elsevier – Paths and Trends in Open Access in Elsevier
Just de Leeuwe, TU Delft – TU Delft Sets the Default to Open Science
Claudia Heidrich, Royal Society of Chemistry – RSC Publishing & Open Access
David Ebert, Oracle – Oracle Learning Exchange


Nižšie, si môžete stiahnuť prezentácie z konferencie 2014.

1. April 2014
Mária Žitňanská, CVTI SR – Národný referenčný bod OA politiky na Slovensku
David Horký, Thomson Reuters – Citation connection DH
Veli-Pekka Hyttinen, Scifinder – The Choice for Chemistry Research – Basic features of new SciFinder
Chris Houghton, Gale – Cengage Learning and Slovakia- Increase the Quality and Breadth of Your Digital Library
Radka Machková, Emerald – Emerald Research & Publishing Pathway, New Search Platform
2. April 2014
Henning Scholz, Europeana – Europeana between portal and platform
Berthold Gillitzer, Bavarian State Library – Enhanced retrieval using semantic technologies
Pip Willcox, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford – The Scholar
Paola Manoni, Vatican Library – The Digitization Project of the Vatican Library within the complex relationships between sets of metadata
Aleksandra Nowak, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center – Cultural Heritage Institutions, Metadata Aggregators and The Cloud
Hans-Jakob Tebarth, Martin-Opitz-Library – Digital rights management in a classic library. Developing and testing an Electronic Reading Room in the Martin-Opitz-Library
Tomasz Parkoła, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center – Succeed with us
Sean Martin, Independent – The Interactive and Engaging Display of Images
Stephan Tratter, Treventus – Mass Digitization – Workflow Use Cases
Thorsten Rink_Imageaccess, Greg Dzięcioł_DDP – Case Studies of Advanced Book Scanning Solutions
Harm Jan Wijngaarden, Oracle – Managing data across the archive
3. April 2014
Jan Mejor, National Library of Poland – National Digital Library Polona
Witold Kozakiewicz, Medical University of Łódź – Social digitization as an alternative to a digital library
Iryna Kuchma, EIFL – Open Access in Horizon 2020 and in the European Research Area
Jarmila Majerová, University of Žilina – Bibliographic Data for Academic Digital Library
11. November 2014
Kvetoslava Rešetová, Jaroslav Otčenáš, Pavol Závacký, Materiálovotechnologická fakulta STU Trnava – Význam štrukturálnych fondov pre budovanie infraštruktúry akademických knižníc