Computerization of Libraries

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Computerization of Libraries

Completion of the project:
August 2007

The project „Computerization of Libraries – Public Internet in the Slovak Republic libraries“, was prepared by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Slovak National Library as a methodological center of librarianship in the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Chemistry Library . During the project preparation, professional forums and discussions with professional organizations and libraries took place.
Aim of the first phase of the project, in which 110 professional public libraries participated, was to provide these libraries with computers and accessories.

By this, 760 new public access points to the internet has been created, and so it ensured:
• internet access for the general public, ie and for low-income and disadvantaged groups , unemployed;
• increasing of computer literacy ;
• improvement of conditions for the introduction of eGovernment and public access to it;
• improving the access to digital content;
• increasing of access to information, education, vacancy information; what will improve the possibilities in the labor market ;
• access to websites of state and local governments with online communication possibility;
• access to the European Library, the Slovak National Library and the Memoria Slovaca digital library.

The project is based on thin client technology. Each library involved in the project has been provided with 1 server and depending on the size of the library and population coverage 4 (30 libraries) or 8 (80 libraries) workstations (thin client, screen, keyboard, mouse) , 1 power supply, 1 network switch and 1 laser printer. The project provides the internet access to all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity, social status and financial situation in all – more advanced and less advanced – Slovak regions. Internet in the premises of the libraries is available throughout the working period . Each user has an access to work with modern information media, instructions on how to work with the computer and selected programs, such as office suite , internet browser or e – mail client. Each user can set up an e-mail account and communicate via e-mail. Moreover, public access to internet may be used for online government (e-Government), healthcare (eHealth) , education (eLearning) , environment (eEnvironment), inclusion of disadvantaged groups (eInclusion ) and culture (eCulture) services in the future . Public use of the internet in libraries provides better access to information, education quality of preparation for future employment improvement the and may make searching for a job easier.

Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Slovak National Library
Slovak Chemistry Library

EUR 1,000,000