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Information for Innovation

Completion of the project:
November 2008

National project of the Slovak National Library (SNK) – „Creation of a network with an information linking of scientific, academic and specialized libraries including their modernization“ or „Information for Innovation“ is co-funded by EU structural funds under the “Industry and Services” Sectoral Operational Programme, Support for Infrastructure Construction and Reconstruction. It run from 24.04.2007 and the main objective of the national project was the improvement of the quality of specialized information services for the sector of small and medium enterprises, research and innovation development in industry and services. This information establishment for industry and services project aims to secure the most recent relevant scientific, technical, patent, economic, marketing and other information for business, science, industry and innovation entities via the use of specialized electronic information resources. Making these these databases accessible has been done via an information portal for entrepreneurs and through contact information and scientific centers directly in scientific and academic libraries, which were project partners. The scientific and academic libraries function as key information institutions and intelligence base for business sector in developed European countries. The part of the projects is dedicated to their modernization. The project focuses on activities connected with the use of informationally interlinked system of scientific, academic and specialized libraries, through which users from business, research and academic environment have the opportunity to obtain the most current relevant scientific information in their field. Providing an access to common external information sources, the accessibility and concentration of information necessary for entrepreneurs in the region is ensured.

Slovak National Library
Slovak Chemistry Library
Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava
University Library at the University of St . Cyril and Methodius in Trnava
Slovak Agricultural Library at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra
University Library at the University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín
University Library at the University of Žilina
Slovak Library of Forestry and Wood Sciency at the Technical University in Zvolen
State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica
State Scientific Library in Prešov
State Scientific Library in Košice

EUR 235 000