SCHK organisation regulations

SCHK|SCHK organisation regulations


Organization’s Rules and Regulations
Slovak Chemistry Library
FCHPT STU in Bratislava

Bratislava 2007

Article 1
Basic Provisions

( 1 ) Organization’s Rules and Regulations follow and specify the Slovak Chemistry Library Statute. They specify the organizational structure of SCHK and roles of library departments.

( 2 ) Slovak Chemical Library (the “ Library „) is under the Act no. 183/2000 Z.z. on libraries , (the „Act on libraries „):

a) an academic library, which functions as a specialized research library focusing on chemistry , food and related sciences ,
b ) a central library and information department of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (FCHPT STU),
c ) a coordination centre of the bibliographical activity with chemical and food literature in the Slovak Republic.

( 3 ) The providing of library and information services, the rights and obligations of library users are regulated in detail by the Library and Lending Rules and Regulations, issued by the head of the library.

( 4 ) The library is a FCHPT STU workplace. The constitution of its status and organization’s rules and regulations are governed by the Statute, or the Organization’s Rules and Regulations of FCHPT STU in Bratislava .

( 5 ) The library does not have legal form. The Library is represented by its founder in legal issues.

Article 2
Organizational Structure

( 1 ) The library is divided into following sections :

a ) Department for Acquisition, Review and Processing of the Fond (ÚDSF)
b ) Library Services Department (ÚKS)
c ) Bibliographical Information Department (BÚ)
d ) Department of Information Technology and Supercomputing (DITS)

( 2 ) Department for Acquisition, Review and Processing of the Fond (ÚDSF):

a) in accordance with the library’s profile and FCHFT STU orientation it acquires the fond documents,
b ) orders and registers periodicals,
c ) reviews the acquired fond,
d ) professionally processes the book collection and periodicals (catalogues the documents and ensures a factual and systematic classification)
e ) develops an electronic catalogue,
f ) sustains card catalogues, ensures their editing and revision,
g ) provides fond’s retrospective conversion,
h ) participates in Union Catalogue of the Slovak Republic Libraries development,,
i ) monitors the use of journals as a basis for their acquisition,
j ) submits proposals for the disposal of documents,
k) ensures sectional libraries agenda.

( 3 ) Library Services Department ( ÚKS ) :

a ) makes library fond available for users, keep records of lendings and agenda associated with it,
b ) facilitates interlibrary and international interlibrary loan service,
c ) ensures efficient and effective building of the library’s collection, its protection and cleaning
d ) provides catalogues consulting services,
e ) provides complex reprographic services (digitised documents) ,
f ) keeps periodicals and study literature reading rooms in order.

( 4 ) Bibliographical Information Department (BÚ):

a ) provides bibliographical information services (complex literature search)
b ) records, processes and archives FCHPT STU publications,
c ) provides domestic and international exchange of publications .

( 5 ) Department of Information Technology and Supercomputing (DITS)

a ) ensures the operation of computers and information system of the faculty on all levels,
b ) ensures the operation of a computer network of the faculty,
c ) ensures the supercomputers operation .

Article 3
The management

( 1) The directorial stuff of the library are:

a ) Director
b ) Deputy Director

( 2 ) The Director of the Library:

a ) manages the library, negotiates on behalf of it and represents it ,
b ) is responsible for the specialized and economic activity, tasks of the library and their deadline,
c ) is responsible for personnel and salary policy of the library. The Director creates and supports programs focused on the expertise level increase of library staff,
d ) is responsible for staff’s discipline at work, health safety and fire safety regulations application,
e ) is responsible for the library’s asset, ensures its protection,
f ) initiates, directs and coordinates the cooperation with libraries and information institutions from the Slovak Republic and abroad,
g ) manages and develops cooperation with faculty workplaces what concerns information background of teaching and scientific research processes,
h ) establishes and cancels fractional libraries at FCHPT STU workplaces,
i ) designs and implements Library and Lending Rules and Regulations,
j ) decides on the types of information services to be paid,
k ) submits organizational structure change proposals.

( 3 ) The Director of the Library is appointed and dismissed by the Dean of FCHPT STU. The Library Director reports directly to the Dean of FCHPT STU. Library Deputy Director reports directly to the Library Director. He is qualified to instruct other workers to act on behalf of the library.

( 4 ) During the Director of the Library’s absence, the Deputy Director substitutes him in all of his rights and obligations except those which were reserved to decide by the Director only. On basis of the Library Director’s proposal the Library Deputy Director is appointed and dismissed by the Dean of FCHPT STU.

Article 5
Final Provisions

( 1 ) The effect of prior Organization’s Rules and Regulations of 01.03.2004 is cancelled.

( 2 ) These Organization’s Rules and Regulations take effect on 20.03.2007.