SCHK Status



Article 1
General clause

( 1) The Slovak Chemistry Library (the “ Library“ ) is a FCHPT STU in Bratislava faculty workplace. The constitution of its status and organization’s rules and regulations are governed by the statute (or organization’s rules and regulations) of FCHPT STU in Bratislava. Under the law no. 183/2000 Z.z. on libraries (the „Act on libraries“), the library is :

a) an academic library, which functions as a specialized research library focusing on chemistry, food and related sciences,
b ) a central library and information department of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (FCHPT STU),
c ) a coordination centre of the bibliographic activity with chemical and food literature in the Slovak Republic.

( 2 ) The providing of library and information services, the rights and obligations of library users are regulated in detail by the Library and Lending Rules and Regulations, issued by the head of the library.

( 3 ) The library does not have legal form. The library is represented by its founder in legal issues.

Article 2
Name and address of the library

( 1 ) Name : Slovak Chemical Library .

( 2 ) Location : Bratislava .

( 3 ) During an ordinary contact abbreviated name SCHK or SCHK FCHPT STU in Bratislava is used.

Article 3
Establishment of library

( 1 ) Library was established in 1955 as the Library center at Faculty of Chemistry of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava . In 1962 it was transformed into the Central Library at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava , later Central Library at Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and in 1974 into the Study and Information Centre at the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava . By the Dean’s decision FCHPT STU no. 4/2004 with effect from 1.3.2004 the Slovak Chemistry Library is established.

Article 4
The library activity

( 1 ) The library is the cultural, informational and educational institution that collects, processes, stores , preserves and makes available domestic and foreign, scientific and technical documents, regardless of their form:

a) It provides library and information services in particular to teachers, science education researcher and students of FCHPT STU ,
b ) It provides services to the public under specific conditions ,
c ) It is a workplace of bibliographic registration of FCHPT STU staff publications , it builds specialized bibliographic databases ,
d ) It preserves and registers graduation works and research reports originated at the university. It also preserves all publications issued by FCHPT STU,
e ) It provides information training of the users,
f ) participates in the creation, maintenance and availability of union catalogs of libraries ,
g ) It is methodological, statistical and advisory institution for the library system,
h ) In carrying out of its functions it closely cooperates with domestic and foreign library and information institutions .

Article 5
Library and information services

( 1 ) The library provides the following types of services :

a) lending services:

• absence and presence lendings of documents,
• interlibrary lending service,
• international interlibrary lending services,
• periodicals circulation,
• sending of documents‘ electronic copies.

b ) counseling services:

• information on the fonds, catalogues, library services and their usage,
• consultation concerning the usage of specialized information sources .

c ) information services :

• bibliographic information (providing bibliographic and factual information) ,
• literature search services (thematic research, citation research and publications overviews)
• access to local and online databases (bibliographic and full-text databases)
• access to internet

d ) reprographic services :

• production of paper copies of parts of documents from the library’s collection ,
• scanning of the library collection documents‘ parts

e ) cultural- educational and educational events :

• information preparation of users (lectures for students and other users)

f ) promotion services :

• exhibitions,
• library website

Article 6
Internal rules of the library

( 1 ) Additional regulations :

a) Organization’s Rules and Regulations
b) Library and Lending Rules and Regulations

Article 7
Organizational structure

( 1 ) The library is divided into sections . They are the organization’s units, which provide separate sets of activities of the same nature. Organizational structure is adjusted in detail by the Organization’s Rules and Regulations.

Article 8
Library Management Rules

( 1 ) Library management is governed by the current legislation and rules set in the Statute of FCHPT STU .

( 2 ) Sources of library funding include:

a) grants allocated from FCHPT STU level. The library manages the entrusted assets in accordance with the Act no. 131/2002 Z.z. ,
b ) resources raised from business activities,
c ) resources raised from donations, grants and projects

Article 9
Final provisions

( 1 ) This Statute shall enter into force on 01.03.2004 .

Prof . Ing . Dušan Bakos , MD .